The World’s Wildest Coastal Walks

22 May 2019 |

The World’s Wildest Coastal Walks

May is National Walking Month, so there’s no better time to pack your sunscreen and a plentiful supply of AquaVia water as you head to the coast to breathe in the freshest air and enjoy the most jaw-dropping views. Here’s 8 of the world’s wildest coastal walks to inspire you.

Sentiero Degli Dei (The Path of the Gods) The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Named after the aerial exposed part of the path, the breath-taking views on this 5 and a half mile walk, stretching from Bomerano to Positano are second to none. Passing Santo Domenico monastery and winding around lemon groves, caves and tiny villages galore, you will find yourself overlooking the Mediterranean on one side, with views of the islands of Capri and Li Galli (which used to belong to Russian dancer Rudolph Nureyev!) and with the Lattari Mountains on the other.

The Amalfi Coast stretches for 30 miles, so there are plenty of other walks to keep you busy and whilst you’re there make sure you take in Mount Vesuvius and the ancient ruins of Pompeii too

Giant’s Causeway Northern Ireland, UK

Giants Causeway, the result of ancient volcanic activity, is a true natural wonder. A World Heritage Site and a haven for seabirds, it makes for a spectacular walk.

In Gaelic mythology the causeway was built by the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool). There’s certainly something magical about the local landscape and thanks to Game of Thrones, exploring Northern Ireland is fast becoming a bucket-list must.

The Channel Islands Way Channel Islands, UK

This is a whole 110 miles of opportunity to discover the beautiful coves and empty beaches of stunning Guernsey, car-free Sark and deserted Herm. Have your camera at the ready as you are likely to spot seals, dolphins, puffins and an array of pretty wildflowers, especially in the summer months. If you have a head for heights, walk La Coupee from Big Sark to Little Sark. This causeway is about 100m long, has a high ridge 80 metres (262 ft) above the sea and in parts is only three metres in width.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track South Island, New Zealand

The Abel Tasman Coastal Track, at the top of the South Island,covers 37 miles from Marahau in the south to Wainui in the north. Determined walkers usually take 3 days to complete the track, though with the many miles of golden beaches, lush forest and enticing side tracks to be distracted by, nobody would blame you for taking your time. There are plenty of campsites offering accommodation along the way and water taxis along the route for those who just want to do part of the route.

The Coastal Hiking Trail of Pukaskwa National Park Ontario, Canada

Also stretching around 37 miles and known for its vistas of Lake Superior, this trail follows the north shore of the lake and takes in two exciting suspension bridges; one across the White River at Chigaamiwinigum and one across the Willow River. Black bears, moose, beavers, river otters, lynx and wolf packs can all be found in the park at large, As the route is both steep and rugged in parts, we reckon you will be perfectly justified to call yourself a real adventurer after this one.

The Wild Coast Hike Eastern Cape, South Africa

The name alone meant it would be pretty rude of us to leave this one out. Nearly 53 miles in total, most of the guided tours cover this trail over 5 or 6 days. But, hey… we’re adventurers now, right? Seriously though, when you are covering some of South Africa’s most picturesque and unspoilt coastline, with countless opportunities to swim, there’s no reason to hurry . With a varied terrain from the high cliffs of Port St.John, through valleys, forest and hills down to Bulungula and the Mbashe river mouth, this is one wild and beautiful walk.

O Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way) Galicia, Spain

The full route of coastline from Malpica to Finisterre is 125 miles long. Exposed on the most westerly corner of mainland Europe and battered by the Atlantic, this fascinating trail began in 2012 when a group of enthusiasts (Tranos) began to join up the old fisherman’s pathways. Walkers are encouraged to share their knowledge to help future visitors. There’s real community spirit in this walk where the lighthouses and fishing villages take centre stage.

Jogasaki Coast Hiking Trail Honshu, Japan

Around an hour and a half from bustling Tokyo, this Izu peninsula walk takes you across volcanic rocks and invites you to climb a lighthouse (where you can see Oshima Island on a clear day), pass over the Kadowakizaki suspension bridge and admire the amazing Pacific ocean views. The jagged cliffs and unusual rock formations make for impressive scenery.

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